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Calgary Weed Delivery Reviews

Verified ownerVerified owner

Nice smooth smoke, helps a lot with pain without making me pass out

13 hours ago
Colleen Huber
Verified ownerVerified owner

Nice taste and flavor

2 days ago
Zachary J.
Verified ownerVerified owner

Odd taste but gets the job done

2 days ago
Dakota J.
Verified ownerVerified owner

Great product

3 days ago
Dakota J.
Verified ownerVerified owner

Not as potent as the chocolate but still very good.

3 days ago
jay gallant
Verified ownerVerified owner

Came with a lot of stuff super nice very worth the price

3 days ago

Looking for Calgary Dispensary Reviews, you found the right place.  This is a list of reviews certified by Calgary Weed Delivery same day weed delivery customers.  Enjoy high quality weed, delivered fast.  Here’s what the city of Calgary has to say about our quickest delivery times.

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  1. Haven’t dabbed it yet but love to sprinkle some in with a regular bong rip! Really has that MAC flavour and gives a great high that I find very relaxing.

  2. Easy to eat compared to eating raw shrooms, great flavours with blue raspberry and grape which mostly covers the the minimal shroom taste.

  3. I’m usually a stickler for pre rolls, as I don’t care for mediocre or dry product. But this was a solid purchase. Not at all dried out, top quality flower used.

  4. My first time trying shatter so I don’t have anything to compare it to but I personally loved the experience and think this is a great value.

  5. This has helped me so much and its only been a few days and I already notice a difference in my mood!

  6. I’ve been using it to help me manage my chronic pains, it’s been amazing with helping me with that:)

  7. Taking these out to the forest this weekend but I’ve had them before so this score is in a different dimension 😅🤩

  8. Worked amazingly. Aftertastes a bit rough and lingers in the mouth a long time after eating even with rinsing out mouth

  9. Good potency. Enjoying it so far but it doesn’t taste like anything except pot. Which is fine, but I expected some sort of sherbet flavour

  10. Haven’t tried it yet because they give me a free 8th with my first order and 2 free pre-rolls But looks fucking amazing

  11. Always good but don’t like the smaller bags it sometimes comes in the two 15 instead of a full O always smaller buds when that happens

  12. I always cut them in 4 and that gets me pretty good and high! I always get great sleeps. I use this for sleep and pain management.

  13. Quality shatter definitely stands out from other brands hotbox is always my favourite when it comes to distillates and specialty joints.

  14. Did not disappoint at all really good diamonds got me and all my boys faded. Thanks for making it happen

  15. Absolutely wonderful trip and clean high! Always amazing product and can’t wait to get more when I can!

Here’s what Calgary is saying about our weed delivery service. Weed Deliveries in Calgary are legal as of March 8, 2022. Check out the reviews of our sameday cannabis delivery dispensary and we’re confident you will feel satisfyed with our quick delivery times, friendly staff, top shelf weed and cannabis products.

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