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Weed Brownie - Fudge - 1x 200mg THC


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Weed Brownie - Fudge - 1x 200mg THC Strain Information

Fudge Weed Brownies

Fudge Chocolate Weed Brownies are Calgary’s tastiest THC infused treat to hit the market, freshly baked for your order. Looking for Canada’s strongest edibles? You’ve found them!

200mg of THC

Weed infused brownies with 200mg of THC in each. Each package contains a total of 1 fudge weed brownie with 200mg of THC infused within. These are lab tested for strength.


Start with a very small portion and allow 60 – 90 minutes for effects.


Sugar, enriched wheat flower, vegetable oil, vegetable oil shortening, cocoa, dried egg yolk, dried egg white, salt, artificial flavor, sodium bicarbonate, sodium aluminum silicate.

Contains traces of wheat, milk, eggs and soy.

Lab Tested Edibles

Calgary Weed Delivery only stocks lab tested edibles. We understand the importance of accurate information when dosing edibles, that’s why you can trust all of the edibles brands stocked on Calgary Weed Delivery have been lab tested for strength and other attributes.

Full Spectrum Edibles

Full spectrum edibles are those made with extraction techniques using the full plant. It’s speculated that in order to achieve the full potential and maximize the benefits of cannabis’ cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and the interactions between, full plant extractions are required. This is referred to as the entourage effect and encompasses all extracts made with the full plant, extracting all the high priority attributes of the cannabis plant, not solely the THC.

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Buy Weed Brownie - Fudge - 1x 200mg THC Strain

Weed Brownie - Fudge - 1x 200mg THC Strain

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Weed Brownie - Fudge - 1x 200mg THC Strain Near Me

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Weed Brownie - Fudge - 1x 200mg THC Strain Reviews

Weed Brownie - Fudge - 1x 200mg THC Reviews



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