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Clementine - THCA Diamonds & Sauce


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Clementine - THCA Diamonds & Sauce Strain Information

Hot Box THCA Diamonds & Sauce!  Clementine THCA Crystalline with Sauce. 1 gram of THCA Diamonds & Sauce in each jar.

What Is THCA Diamonds & Sauce?

Essentially a strange alien goo with a sprinkling of small, glass-like chunks, the concentrate has nevertheless found a rabid following among heavy marijuana users.

That’s because those chunks — “diamonds,” as it were — are among the most high-powered cannabis products on the market, with THC levels that can top 99 percent when heated. Additionally, the goo — or “terpene sauce” — is created using live resin, preserving the unique flavors, smells and effects of the individual strains.

The procedure used to create diamonds & sauce is complex, mad-scientist stuff. First, cannabis trim or flower is put through a process that uses a solvent, often butane, to extract uncured live resin. After the solvent is removed, the resultant saucy goo sits in a dark room during a process known as “diamond mining.” Over the course of a few weeks, separation takes place, with the terpenes creating a liquified layer on the top while cannabinoid crystals develop on the bottom. The individual elements are then separately purified before being recombined into the final product: THC-A crystals soaking in a pool of terpene sauce.

HOT BOX is Canada’s #1 manufacturer of Cannabis designer products from extractions, through processed pre rolls, HOT BOX is a high quality cannabis brand servicing dispensaries across Canada daily.

Clementine Strain

Clementine, a zesty sativa-dominant hybrid, born from the union of the delectable Tangie and Lemon Skunk strains. This flavor-packed bud snagged the 2nd Place prize for Best Sativa Concentrate at the 2015 High Times’ Cannabis Cup in Michigan, thanks to its scrumptious taste and captivating effects.

Much like its namesake, Clementine delivers a mouthwatering mix of sweet citrusy orange and a subtle earthy finish. Inhale its aroma, and you’ll be transported to a freshly rain-kissed orange grove, with a delightful fusion of rich earth and tangy citrus scents.

Clementine’s high is a splendid blend of uplifting and soothing properties, leaning towards its sativa roots. It starts with a euphoric boost that catapults your mood sky-high, leaving you brimming with happiness, focus, and motivation. Meanwhile, a gentle relaxation washes over your body, calming your senses and putting you completely at ease.

With such versatile effects, Clementine shines as a remedy for mild to moderate depression, chronic fatigue, migraines, tension headaches, persistent stress, and even nausea. So, why wait? Indulge in the citrusy goodness of Clementine and experience the magic for yourself!

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Clementine - THCA Diamonds & Sauce Strain

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Clementine - THCA Diamonds & Sauce Weed

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Clementine - THCA Diamonds & Sauce Strain Calgary

Clementine - THCA Diamonds & Sauce Calgary

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Clementine - THCA Diamonds & Sauce Reviews