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CAKED Shatter - Gods Gold



CAKED Shatter - Gods Gold Strain Information

Gods Gold Shatter

Gods Gold Shatter is one of the few original CAKED gentics. An Indica dominant that truly showcases the finesse found within the CAKED growth centres.

Gods Gold Strain

Because this is an original genetic, crafted by the expert cannabis curators within the CAKED laboratories, not much is known about the strain as of yet. We recommend giving it a try, and finding out for yourself the sativa dominant effects. Mysteries can often be fun, and we would love to know what you think of this unique concentrate.

CAKED Shatter

CAKED shatter is a premium concentrate hailing from the heart of the British Columbian Kootenays. Each strain is curated from living-soil grown cannabis strains, each with their own meticulous growth cycles and the finest attention to detail to assure the highest quality achievable from any Canadian concentrate available.

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CAKED Shatter - Gods Gold Strain

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