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Afghani Hash - HOTBOX

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Afghani Hash - HOTBOX Strain Information

Afghani hash, a time-honored tradition in Afghanistan, is meticulously crafted across the region. The art of producing hashish is deeply ingrained in the culture, with methods varying from hand-pressing cannabis dry sift, often incorporating a small amount of water or tea.

The Afghan method of hand-pressing results in an incredibly pliable texture, worked until it reaches a state of remarkable elasticity. This process yields a hashish with a rich, distinctive flavor and a potent, aromatic bouquet. In Afghanistan, the final product is typically stored as either 100mg bricks or in the form of hash balls. At HOTBOX, we take pride in producing the latter.

Over time, the use and production of hashish have spread globally. In homage to this esteemed smokable delicacy, HOTBOX has chosen to offer this cannabis gift to both recreational users and medical patients in Nevada.

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Afghani Hash - HOTBOX Strain

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Afghani Hash - HOTBOX Weed

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Afghani Hash - HOTBOX Strain Calgary

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