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Calgary Weed Delivery

Calgary Weed Delivery

Calgary Vapes Delivery

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CBD Calgary

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THC Tinctures

THC Tinctures are perfect for quick onset and all the amazing effects of THC in a full spectrum extract. This means you get the terpenes cannabinoids and all the goodness of cannabis with quick onset.

CBD Tinctures

CBD Tinctures ensure that you get the full medical benefits of cannabis with the quickest onset.  Reduce stress, depression, anxiety, pain, inflammation and more with CBD tinctures and their quick action.

1:1 Tinctures

1 to 1, or 1:1 tinctures refer to cannabis oils applied orally that contain balanced levels of CBD and THC.  CBD is known best to bind with receptors when paired up with THC.  CBD also reduces and balances out the effects of THC.

Cannabis Oil

Cannabis oils  and cannabis tinctures are best applied orally for quick action.  Drops applied under the tongues ensure maximum potency and the quickest onset guaranteed.  Try THC and CBD tinctures today if you're using cannabis for medical purposes or looking for the effects without smoking.