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What’s The Difference Between Sativa and Indica?

Sativa and Indica are two types of cannabis plants that offer contrasting effects and physical attributes.

Sativa Strains – Sativa strains are the longer, skinnier variety. Often said to hold more THC than the average indica strain, Sativas are perfect for a mid day smoke. The effects of consuming sativa cannabis strains tend to encompass creative and energetic feelings, with less of an overwhelming couch locked high. Sativa strains are recommended for the mid day as users experience the high without the sleepy or lethargic properties that come with a heavy indica strain.

Indica Strains – Indica strains are the heavier high buds that give an overwhelming high focused solely on your head area and sometimes encompass the whole body. Regardless, these plump and short buds pack a punch that are often associated with the team “in da couch” mimicking it’s increased probability of experiencing an intense lethargic high.