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What’s The Difference Between CBD and THC?

What’s the difference between CBD and THC? There’s a lot and it’s important that you know exactly which you’re after because they act quite differently.

What is CBD

CBD is the cannabinoid most often used for medical treatment of a variety of ailments. CBD does not get users high, and offers a medicinal level of relief to many common and niche problems including eating disorders, ADD and ADHD, chronic and severe pain, stress, anxiety and depression, although the list goes on.

What is THC

THC is the cannabinoid that will get you high as it is a psychoactive ingredient. THC is present in most cannabis strains in a variety of strengths. Most commonly found in high percentages on the recreational cannabis market, THC is what you are after when you’re looking to get high. THC is often used along side CBD in medical treatments of many ailments. THC consumed in high amounts can lead to stress and general discomfort while consumed in small amounts can counteract the same feelings.