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How Do I Use Shatter?

Shatter is a weed (cannabis) extract also known as a cannabis concentrate. Extracting cannabis buds with a BHO solvent, THC and terpenes come together to give users a product very high in THC and high in flavour at the same time.

You can use shatter in a number of ways to get the most benefit from the active ingredient, THC.

  • Dab Shatter – Dab shatter by using a bong and an enail or a banger. Enails refer to electronic devices that fit into your bong and heat up to your desired temperature. Simply apply to the enail and take a hoot. Bangers require heat in the form of blowtorch. Once your nail is hot, take a hoot.

Don’t overheat your dabs! Make sure your bong’s enail or banger cools off from red hot before hooting.

  • Vape Shatter – Vape shatter in a shatter vape pen. These come in many shapes and sizes. Look for a wax pen or a shatter vape pen, not an oil pen, for the best results.